Chattel House Designs

Chattel House Designs

There are many new chattel house designs popping up around the world. These designs come in various shapes and sizes and are been utilised for a number of innovative purposes. The chattel house is an important feature of Barbadian and… Continue Reading

Chattel House

A trip to Barbados, Grenada, Carriacou and a few other Caribbean islands will reveal a small wooden house sitting on a rocky foundation. This type of house is called a chattel house. In the Caribbean, the chattel house is a… Continue Reading

Chattel House Gallery

The Chattel House Gallery is a wonderful collection of photos of chattel houses and other unique Caribbean architectural structures. As you view these photos, please pay close attention to the unique features of each home. The vibrant colours, wooden window… Continue Reading

Chattel House Movement

The chattel house movement is a sub-category of the tiny house and small house movements which advocates living in chattel house inspired homes or modern chattel houses. Chattel houses were initially designed to be easily dismantled and moved from one… Continue Reading

Chattel House Plans

Coming Soon… Our chattel house plans showcase how a small space can be utilized to its maximum potential. We use adequately sized windows, doors, high ceilings or lofts, built-in closets and outdoor spaces to make the home effective and efficient.… Continue Reading