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Embracing New Chattel House Designs

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There are many new chattel house designs popping up around the world. These designs come in various shapes and sizes and are been utilised for a number of innovative purposes. The chattel house is an important feature of Barbadian and Caribbean history and is a symbol of independence. And, many local and international architects have embraced this history in their designs.

Chattel House Designs

Although the term chattel house has one definition, it has been interpreted in various ways throughout the Caribbean. This has resulted in various chattel house designs which are representative of the islands and the time periods that they were built in.

However, one common fact is that chattel houses have been modernised in an effort to preserve the historical stature of this type of architecture. Architects and design firms are replicating shapes, sizes and design features to add age old character to newly constructed or renovated buildings.

As you travel around the Caribbean, you may notice that chattel houses have been incorporated into almost every aspect of living. In addition to the traditional chattel house as a family dwelling, the aesthetics of the chattel design have been used in cottages, condos, resorts and guest houses.

Chattel House Cottages

The chattel house cottage is a stand alone structure that is designed for single families. A perfect example of a chattel house cottage can be seen in the Riviere cottages in Nevis. Their designs incorporate traditional Nevisian chattel house characteristics into new construction. The cottages each have a balcony and chattel house inspired wooden frames, windows, doors and trimmings.

Chattel House Condos

The popularity of condo living has reached the shores of the Caribbean. A condo is a property that is divided into individual units each with individual owners. Bay Tree House in Barbados is a property with three townhouses that have beautiful chattel house features. This particular set of condos channels a variety of design styles which work in tandem to create a beautiful home that enhances the neighbourhood.

Chattel House Resorts

Chattel house resorts are being designed as luxurious properties which cater to the wealthy. But, some people are using the chattel house concept as part of a wider plan to encourage sustainability. Belle Mont Farm Resorts on the tiny island of St. Kitts is a beautiful concept that embraces sustainable living on over four hundred acres of land. Some features which are reminiscent of the initial days of the chattel house are outdoor baths, organic fruit and vegetables and community living.

Chattel House Guest Houses

There is an increasing number of guest houses in the Caribbean which are modelled after traditional chattel houses. Strawberry Hill Hotel in Jamaica is a property consisting of twelve guest cottages designed by architect Ann Hodges. Sometimes referred to as guest cottages, the exterior of these houses fuse Jamaican architecture, fretwork and large roof eaves. The interiors are decorated with antique finds and furniture and draw on a mixture of Georgian and colonial styles.

Chattel House Plans

The history of the Caribbean is very visible today, and can be seen especially in the architecture of the islands. Memories of times gone by which were filled with struggles and triumphs; despair and hope; sadness and happiness were underlined by the creativity and resilience of a people who sought freedom and justice. The chattel house is a strong symbol of these quests by the people of the Caribbean.

The beauty of the chattel house is that its many features can be adapted for new architecture. The modern chattel house can be used an affordable housing solution or a luxurious property with exquisite amenities. We have an extensive collection of chattel house plans that are available for purchase. If you are interested in custom chattel house designs, contact us with your request.

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