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How to Maximize Space in a Small House

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It’s no secret that unless you’re really creative it can be difficult to maximize space in a small house. If you’re lucky enough to have had the opportunity to design your own home, then you might have incorporated some innovative and savvy storage solutions in your space. However, if you bought your home, it might be a bit more challenging to maximize space. Here’s some good news: I can tell you how to take advantage of the precious space in your home and not feel completely overwhelmed. You don’t need a big budget – just some creativity and a willingness to try something new.

Transform the Bedroom

The bedroom is seen as a sacred sanctuary of rest and relaxation. It’s a place where you can rejuvenate your body, get some much needed rest and prepare for the day ahead. In an ideal world, the bedroom should be a place that is free from clutter, so that when you enter you are consciously transported into a peaceful place.

Small bedrooms can be tricky when it comes to maximizing space and reducing clutter. One way to reduce clutter is to use storage units. These can be in the form of closets, shelving units, under bed storage, night tables with. These items should be adequately sized to suit the size of the room. If they are too big, they can make the room feel smaller.

Get Rid of Clutter in the Kitchen

A cramped kitchen can be very uncomfortable especially when several people are in the room at the same time. To maximise space in the kitchen, home owners should focus on using every bit of space available. A functioning kitchen triangle should be at the forefront of all space saving decisions because it will impact how effective the space is.

In smaller kitchens, cabinets can either make or break a room. Ideally, a kitchen plan should be created so that you can have an idea of what will work. I prefer light colored cabinets that extend to the roof simply because they provide valuable space for kitchen items. They allow you to keep the counter tops junk free.

Maximize Bathroom Storage

My ideal bathroom would be reminiscent of a tropical getaway with bamboo plants and soft lighting. But it also has to be the storage center for beauty and personal hygiene items. Storage in the bathroom is precious and requires smart solutions that fit with the decor and style of the room.

The best storage solutions for small bathrooms include wall shelves for everyday items; storage units over the toilet; towel racks attached to the door; sinks in storage cabinets with shelves and drawers; and a medicine cabinet above the sink. It’s wise to only select one or two of these solutions to avoid a cramped bathroom.

Work the Dining Room

A dedicated dining space in a small home is a tiny luxury that many people overlook. Just because your dining room is small, does not mean it has to be boring and drab. In fact, its small size makes it easier to upgrade with little effort. Maximizing the dining room will not affect how the room function and fits into the style of the home.

The dining set is the star of the dining room, and will ultimately take up the majority of the space. Choosing a table that fits into the space is critical. Tables with glass table tops are suitable for small spaces because they give the impression of space. When planning a dining space, there should also be enough space to pull out chairs so that guests can sit comfortably.

Redefine the Living Room

No matter the size of your home, the living room is where most people spend most of their time. This room is also where guests are entertained and is a central meeting point in the home. Home owners who try to maximize space in the living room are faced with the challenge of getting extra seating and storage, but keeping the room spacious.

A good rule to operate by is to determine the best placement for living room storage before purchasing. The number of pieces and their sizes are also important. Entertainment consoles are excellent for storing electronic items; ottomans and pouffes can store unused items; and some couches and sectionals have under seat storage.

Utilise Bonus Spaces

Bonus spaces in small homes are often overlooked as unusable space or may not have been considered for storage ideas. Shelves can be added to bare walls that are not in walking path. In tiny homes with high roofs, a loft, bedroom or storage area can be created as a second level.

New rooms can also be created from unused spaces. One good example is the space under stairs and stair wells. These spaces can be used for closets with cupboards or office spaces with a desk and chair. Attics and basements can be converted into new rooms like bedrooms, guest rooms and home offices.

Maximise Space Efficiently

One of the best tips to maximize space in a small house, is that you must keep the space organised. The main zones in the home are used for sleeping, cooking and eating and relaxing and organisation is required to keep them tidy. When maximizing space in small rooms, home owners should focus on all areas of the home – bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living and dining rooms and overlooked spaces.

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