Chattel Houses - Great Places in Barbados to Live in a Chattel House
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Great Places in Barbados to Live in a Chattel House

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There are many great places in Barbados where you can build your very own chattel house. Beach towns are incredible places to live, especially if you love beaches in the Caribbean. It is a wonderful feeling when you own a home where you can relax and just enjoy the comforts of life. The only thing that can top that feeling is if the home is in a prime location with several characteristics that you can enjoy.

The Town and Country Planning Department governs building and zoning regulations in the country. There are several zones in the island, each with specific building requirements and regulations. All building plans must be prepared by a government licensed draughtsman or architect. Plans must show the floor plans of the home and the location of the home on the lot as well as dimensions of the home, the lot and the distances from the lot lines. Applicants must complete the application form and submit all plans to the office for approval. After you receive permission to build, you must pay a building start fee and then construction can begin.

A small chattel house construction project will take less than two months to complete. Modern chattel house plans are simple designs that focus on safety, stability and efficiency. You can choose to add classic chattel house design elements to enhance the curb appeal of the home. If you determined to build a chattel house in Barbados, but not sure where you should buy land, here are five places in Barbados that are ideal for your home.

1. Oistins

Chattel Houses - Great Places in Barbados to Live in a Chattel House

It’s the most popular fishing town in the south of Barbados and a great place to get grilled seafood on Friday nights. Although land in the heart of Oistins is a rare find, there are several districts within close proximity. Oistins is a perfect location for a chattel house because of the convenient amenities located in the town. There are supermarkets, rum shops, gas stations, salons, pharmacies, restaurants, beaches, a commercial bank, credit union, hardware store, a polyclinic, a police station, and a fish market. There is a small bus station, which facilitates direct bus services to Speightstown, Holetown and College Savannah. Additionally, Oistins is on main public transportation routes to and from the Grantley Adams International Airport, Bridgetown, Silver Sands, Sam Lord’s Castle and Warrens. In 2019, a small lot of land in Oistins, approximately 1800 square feet, was listed at USD 75,000.

2. Speightstown

Speightstown is named after William Speight, a former owner of the land where the town is located. Situated in the parish of St.Peter on the north west of the island, Speightstown is now a sleepy and quiet village. In the past it was a major port that connected Barbados to the rest of the world. The town is relatively developed with banks, stores, restaurants and pubs, supermarkets, churches (including the St. Peter Parish Church), a bus station, a small fish market, an art gallery, an interior design company and several tourist attractions. One of the Saturday morning highlights in the town is the hawkers who line the sidewalks with trays of fresh vegetables and fruit. Land in Speightstown does not go on sale very often, but there are many surrounding neighbourhoods with land listings. A recent listing for 6,028 square feet in Bovell’s Road had a sale price of USD 125,000.

3. Bathsheba

Chattel Houses - Great Places in Barbados to Live in a Chattel House

It is the most picturesque neighbourhood on the eastern coast of Barbados. Bathsheba is one of the most photographed spots on the island, thanks in part to its massive rock formations. This is a very quiet area, and because it is far away from the cities in Barbados, there are not a lot of convenient amenities. There are a few restaurants and rum shops, surf schools and beach houses for rent. A drive through the area will reveal that some beach homes in the area look like modern chattel houses or use elements of the historic homes. Because of the high occurrence of sea spray moving inland, potential property owners should ensure that builders use the right materials for building. A recent listing for a 17,500 square foot land lot in Bathsheba had a USD 97,500 price tag.

4. Six Men’s Bay

Six Men’s Bay is one of the most popular fishing villages in Barbados. It was a beautiful sight to drive through the area and see fisher folk selling thousands of flying fish and calling at cars as they pass. The bay is home to massive frigate birds who fly out to sea looking for fish. Six Men’s is a short drive from Little Good Harbour, Speightstown and the popular Moon Town. The main road that passes through the district has open views of the ocean on one side and homes on the other side. It is also close to the Port St. Charles and Port Ferdinand marinas. Buses heading north out of Speightstown, pass through the area on route to destinations in St. Lucy. A small one bedroom or two bedroom chattel house would be perfect for the area. A recent lot of land for sale in Six Men’s, which was approximately 5,110 square feet, was listed at USD 50,000.

5. Martin’s Bay

Chattel Houses - Great Places in Barbados to Live in a Chattel House 2

Martin’s Bay is an east coast gem that is still unspoilt and somewhat secluded. It is a lively fishing village and one of the highlights is its Thursday limes at the main restaurant. Fishermen can often be seen cleaning their catches and tying out lines to catch fish. At low tide, people carefully traverse the rocks poking in the holes to catch octopus (locally known as sea cat). Martin’s Bay is its own world and there are no modern conveniences apart from the usual communications infrastructure. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of busy Bridgetown. This makes it a perfect spot for an island getaway. A recent listing in Martin’s Bay, was for a 37,500 square foot lot with an asking price of USD 450,000.

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