Chattel Houses - The Most Beautiful Doors That Will Let Sunlight In

The Most Beautiful Doors That Will Let Sunlight In

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When homes in the Caribbean are designed and constructed, many architects and civil engineers will focus on the openings of the home. Reasoning behind this lies with a desire to let as much sunlight and fresh air into the home as possible, whilst maintaining the stability of the structure. Windows and doors are usually placed strategically to ensure that the home gets the required ventilation and natural light. Knowledgeable professionals will also ensure that openings are spaced adequately enough to meet shear wall requirements.

Based on these considerations, the front door of a home is much more than just a piece of wood or metal that provides an entry into the home. Although beauty and aesthetics are key to beautiful doors, security, functionality and practicality must be considered. The doors highlighted below allow homeowners to customize them to their liking and add their preferred security features. The doors that will let sunlight in will have several panes of glass. These doors can be secured with security window film, reinforced locks, door jammers, door barricades or security bars.

1. Renegade Door Aluminum (Left Hung and Right Hung)

This door, which comes with two pre-drilled lock holes, is coated with a rust inhibiting primer that works to extend the lifespan of the door. The Renegade Door is constructed with a timber frame, steel skin, metal edge caps and foam core. Its aluminum louvres can be opened to let wind to pass through, and closed to secure the home. The door is available in left hung and right hung options and is available in 36 x 80, 32 x 80 sizes.

2. Curve-Top Half French Pine Door

The most stunning detail on this door is the curved top, which is an eye-catching feature. Made of pine, a popular and versatile wood, the door has 9 lites divided by wooden mullions. Just like the Half-French Cedrorana Door, there are two panels at the bottom of the door. Available sizes include 36 x 80, 32 x 80 and 30 x 80.

3. Full French Fiberglass Door 15 Lite

Depending on where your door is located, a fiberglass door might be a better option. The Full French Fiberglass door is constructed from a timber frame, fiberglass skin and tempered glass. The door has fifteen beautiful panes of glass that are divided by plastic mullions. Its comes pre-painted in white, which goes with almost any home’s colour scheme. This door is available in 36 x 80, 32 x 80 and 30 x 80 sizes.

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4. Cedrorana Door Full French 10 Lite

The Cedrorana Full French door is a beautiful hardwood door that has ten distinctive panes of glass separated by wooden mullions. The big panes of glass, which mimic the craftsman and farmhouse styles, maximize light into the home. The door is unpainted, but it can be stained with stains that highlight the grain of the cedrorana wood or painted to match the home’s aesthetic. These doors are available in 36 x 80, 32 x 80 and 30 x 80 sizes.

5. Kentucky Door Cathedral-Top Half-French

Another classic door that lets in beautiful natural light is the Kentucky Cathedral-Top Half French door. The door’s dramatic design includes a modern impression of a cathedral top consisting of four lites arranged in a semi-circular shape. Underneath the cathedral top are nine panes of glass and two raised wooden panels. This stunning door is available in 36 x 80, 32 x 80 and 30 x 80 sizes.

6. Operable Door Half-Louvre Pine

The Operable Door Half-Louvre is a beautiful pine door with wooden louvres that mimic the classic jalousie design. The louvres are attached to a metal lever system, which makes it easy to open and close them. This features also aids in ventilation of the room. At the bottom of the door are three carved wooden panels that add a hint of interest to an already exciting door. The Operable Half-Louvre Pine door comes in 36 x 80, 32 x 80 sizes.

7. Wagon Wheel Top Fiberglass Door With 4 Panels

This beautiful door is a sturdy, fiberglass wagon wheel top door that’s available as a left-hand or right-hand in-swing. The door comes primed and will not split, rot, warp or dent or split. Four decorative panels at the bottom of the door add a bit of design and intrigue. Doors are available in 30 x 80, 32 x 80, 34 x 80 and 36 x 80.

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8. Renegade Door Glass Louvre (Left Hung and Right Hung)

The Renegade Glass Louvre door is a pressed panel steel skinned door with glass louvres and a steel security grill inside the louvres. This door also comes with two pre-drilled lock holes and coated with a rust inhibiting primer. The door has left hung and right hung options and is made from a steel skin, timber frame and foam core. Its glass louvres are perfect for ventilation and natural light. Available sizes are 36 x 80 and 32 x 80.

9. Square-Top Door Full French Pine

The Square-Top Full French Door is a classic beautiful door that has been a favourite with homeowners for several years. Often used to provide access to porches and patios, this door features fifteen glass panels separated by wooden mullions. This classic door is made of pine and comes unpainted, giving buyers to opportunity to make this door a showpiece into their homes. The door is available in 36 x 80, 32 x 80 and 30 x 80 sizes.

10. Warwick Door Mahogany Arch Wrought Iron

The Warwick Mahogany Arch Wrought Iron door is a breathtaking masterpiece that will complement any home. Mahogany is a premium wood and adds an aesthetically pleasing detail to the home. The door features a tempered clear glass panel with a raised panel underneath the glass. The glass panel is outfitted with a wrought iron caning for added security. This door is only available in a 36 x 80 size.

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