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How to Build a Chattel House

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One of the first things you should do before you a build a chattel house, is to seek permission from your local building authorities. These procedures are usually the same as those required for a larger home. The authorities will be able to advise about the types of permissions are required to build a chattel house. Chattel houses outside of the Caribbean are rare and plans may have to be modified to meet building codes.

You will also have to research the land that you want to build on. The land that you are interested in may have certain regulations and stipulations. In fact, before you purchase any type of house plan, you should check with the authorities to confirm that the land is suitable for the intended development. They will also be able to advise you on the types of houses that can be built.

Many tiny houses are built on trailers and are easily mobile. However, our modern chattel houses are firmly rooted into the ground. The original chattel house was built to be disassembled and moved from location to location. But newer models are now designed and built with more security and safety in mind. These new and improved chattel house structures are designed to withstand strong weather systems.

The Perfect Plot of Land

To build a chattel house you will first need a plot of land that can accommodate your desired home. Land prices vary based on the location, but you can source smaller lots to keep your costs to a minimum. Before you purchase a piece of land, remember to check with the authorities to find out what types of homes can be built on your chosen lot. Lots will be pricier in specific areas such as close to the beach, on a hill with a view or close to shopping areas and amenities. It also recommended that you speak to residents in the neighbourhood to get more information on the area.

A Modern Chattel House Plan

The chattel house plan that you decide to purchase should include all of the important plans required to build your home. Modern Chattel house plans for sale on this site include all of the necessary building plans as well as suggestions to make your home comfortable and efficient. Each plan package includes a floor plan, a framing plan, exterior elevations, roof plans, foundation plans, an electrical plan, engineering section and a landscaping plan. Materials lists, window and door schedules and construction notations are also included at no additional cost.

Sourcing the Materials

If you are building a chattel house on your own, then you will have to find the materials. Home improvement stores are your best bet to find all of the materials that you need. In some cases, where you want custom features, you might have get them constructed from a specialty store or builder. However, items such as lumber, windows, doors, screws, nails, paint and roofing materials are some of the key materials requirements that are easy to find. You will also need tools to cut the wood, saws, drills, nail guns, jigs, hammers, clamps and other basic small tools.

Selecting a Reputable Builder

Selecting a reputable builder to build a chattel house is one of the most important decisions you will make during this process. Your builder should be a licensed professional with an adequate amount of building experience. Ask your selected builder for a portfolio, references or a tour of a model home that they built. Depending on where you live, your builder might not have any experience in building a chattel house. However, experience in building wooden homes with a concrete foundation is necessary.

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