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Chattel Houses

What is a Chattel House?

A trip to Barbados, Grenada, Carriacou and a few other Caribbean islands will reveal a small wooden house sitting on a rocky foundation. This type of house is called a chattel house. In the Caribbean, the chattel house is a symbol of freedom, innovation and home ownership. Central to the theme of the chattel house was […]

Chattel Houses - The Chattel House Movement - Foodica
Chattel Houses

The Development of the Chattel House Movement

The chattel house movement is a movement that celebrates the traditional chattel house in all of its forms, both old and new. This movement is a sub-category of the tiny house and small house movements, but it advocates living in chattel house inspired homes or modern chattel houses. Chattel houses were initially designed to be […]

Chattel Houses - Chattel House Plans - Foodica
Chattel Houses

Chattel House Plans

Are you ready to build your very own chattel house? Is there a specific chattel house feature that you would love to add to your home? The plans on the Chattel Houses website showcase how a small space can be utilized to its maximum potential. We use adequately sized windows, doors, high ceilings or lofts, built-in […]