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Chattel Houses and the Small Home Movement

The small home movement, also known as the small house movement, is a transition to homes that are smaller than one thousand (1,000) square feet. Homes in North America are large, with a median square footage of two thousand six hundred (2,600) square feet. However, many people are turning to the small house movement and the tiny house movement which encourage […]

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How to Build a Chattel House

One of the first things you should do before you a build a chattel house, is to seek permission from your local building authorities. These procedures are usually the same as those required for a larger home. The authorities will be able to advise about the types of permissions are required to build a chattel house. Chattel houses outside of […]

Chattel Houses - The Difference Between Chattel Houses and Concrete Houses - Foodica

The Difference Between Chattel Houses and Concrete Houses

If you look at it from a high level, there is no obvious difference between chattel houses and concrete houses apart from aesthetics. Both of them provide shelter, they can be built economically, they both afford people the opportunity to experience home ownership and they are unique representations of Caribbean architecture. Difference Between Chattel Houses and Concrete Houses But if you want […]

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Chattel Houses

Embracing New Chattel House Designs

There are many new chattel house designs popping up around the world. These designs come in various shapes and sizes and are been utilised for a number of innovative purposes. The chattel house is an important feature of Barbadian and Caribbean history and is a symbol of independence. And, many local and international architects have embraced this history in their […]

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Chattel Houses

What is a Chattel House?

A trip to Barbados, Grenada, Carriacou and a few other Caribbean islands will reveal a small wooden house sitting on a rocky foundation. This type of house is called a chattel house. In the Caribbean, the chattel house is a symbol of freedom, innovation and home ownership. Central to the theme of the chattel house was the fact that the houses […]

Chattel Houses - The Chattel House Movement - Foodica
Chattel Houses

The Development of the Chattel House Movement

The chattel house movement is a movement that celebrates the traditional chattel house in all of its forms, both old and new. This movement is a sub-category of the tiny house and small house movements, but it advocates living in chattel house inspired homes or modern chattel houses. Chattel houses were initially designed to be easily dismantled and moved from […]

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Chattel Houses

Chattel House Plans

Are you ready to build your very own chattel house? Is there a specific chattel house feature that you would love to add to your home? The plans on the Chattel Houses website showcase how a small space can be utilized to its maximum potential. We use adequately sized windows, doors, high ceilings or lofts, built-in closets and outdoor spaces to […]